Friday, February 26, 2010

Windows 7 - Finding Missing Harddisk

Recently I bought a bunch of computer hardware and assembled a new system and installed Windows 7 on it. However, upon running the system I realized that one of the two 1TB harddrives was not being listed on the Windows File Explorer. The File Explorer would only list one of the hard drives. This hard drive had two partitions, one for the operating system and the other for files. I thought this was odd as I had installed Windows Vista on the very same machine the day before and there I could access both hard drives.

I had a quick google search and found loads of pages but none of them provided a solution. Actually, I was more concerned with setting up the system and transfering all my files, so left this problem to be solved another day.

How to get Windows 7 to list your HD

Today I was playing with the computer trying to create a scheduled task, which involved me going to the Computer Management console.

After creating the task I continued to play with Computer Management console. To be more precise with the Disk Management. The Disk Management lists all disks and CD/DVD drives on the computer, and here I was able to see both my disk drives. Disk 0 was greyed out, but when I right-clicked it I was presented with a meny and there I could make a selection that caused the disk to be shown on File Explorer as the G: drive. Unfortunately, I did not note down what item I selected, and now the context menu has changed.

Hopefully people reading this article will be able to solve any problem they might be having.
Feel free to link to this post or write a comment if it has solved your problem. This way other people are more likely to find it :) 

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